Benefits of Automated Welcome Emails to Email Marketing Campaigns

Benefits of Automated Welcome Emails to Email Marketing CampaignsOne of the essential elements of trust-building in email marketing is the welcome email. Particularly popular on opt-in lists and client databases, the welcome email is an important part of building a long-term business-to-client (or business to customer) relationship.

Welcome emails are effective, and when paired with an auto-responder or email template, can be highly profitable tools for any email marketing campaign or online business. Among the many benefits of sending automated welcome emails are discussed below:

Email Addresses in Opt-In Lists are Confirmed Straightaway

There’s always a lingering moment of doubt upon sign up to any email marketing or online service – the moment between submitting an email address and receiving the first email from the service. Internet marketing specialists and web entreprenuers can save their customers and clients the annoyance of doubt by giving them a confirmation and welcome email as soon as they submit their contact information.

Email marketers have much to gain by doing this as well. By sending automated welcome emails, possibly with double-opt in requirements, businesses can keep their mailing lists clean. Welcome emails are great email address confirmation tools so that mailing lists can be free of fake subscriptions, inactive email accounts and others that can possibly tag email marketers as spammers.

Trust Needed for Email Marketing is Built Instantly

Gaining subscribers’ trust is very important in email marketing. However, gaining that trust can be quite difficult and time-consuming. For example, web design business owner typically receives multiple inquiries daily, each requesting a new design and long-term project. Rather than replying to them all at once, the business owner can choose to space them out across multiple days and reply to all in batches.

While great for time management, this strategy leaves prospective clients without an instant reply. Most will move on to other businesses thinking that no response will ever be received from the first inquiry. By using a simple auto-responder script and welcome email, web entrepreneurs and internet marketing specialists can manage expectations, gain trust straightaway, and skip through the otherwise annoying “no-reply” period.

Welcome Emails Make Upselling Simple

Online entrepreneurs and internet marketing specialists often use email marketing to first gain the attention of prospective clients with low or no-cost offers and then push them towards a specific high-end purchase. Often, the message that will make conversion happen is sent after a few initial emails, when prospective clients are already comfortable with receiving emails from the business.

However, with an instant welcome message, email marketers and internet marketing specialists gain another platform to do just that. A welcome message provides text real estate to offer upgrades, extensions to project scale, and extra products. Rather than using up every ounce of energy by waiting until they’ve hooked a client to offer extra products or services, a well-crafted welcome email can be just the thing to boost conversion rates.

Internet marketing specialists and web entrepreneurs that are aiming to improve their long-term email marketing prospects and boost overall conversion rates should consider these welcome email benefits that could help in developing a communication strategy for effective email marketing.