Simplicity: The Key When Trying to Learn SEO

Learning SEOInternet marketers and website owners have undoubtedly heard of search engine optimization; more commonly known as SEO. Of course, these individuals are probably not familiar with what it is. This is a common scenario, as the subject is often overcomplicated with complex terms and procedures. It is not difficult to learn SEO, as long as an individual uses straightforward information.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In its simplest form, search engine optimization is the process of promoting a website to increase its rank in search engines like Google. It entails three different phases. The first involves selecting SEO keywords, the second is employing actual strategies, and the third is conducting proper maintenance.

Finding SEO Keywords

keyword plannerThe first thing an Internet marketer must do is find the appropriate SEO keywords. While to some this may sound like an easy task, it is an imperative one to perform correctly. The rest of an individual’s SEO efforts will be futile if he or she selects the incorrect keyword, or disregards this task to begin with. To do this accurately, the Internet marketer should first visit the Google keyword planner tool and then enter the main keyword or topic covered.

As an example, an individual would enter “human rights” into the “products or service” field if his or her site related to human rights. A list of keywords will appear, and the individual must then:

  1.  See entitled ” Average Monthly Searches” to sort the list by number of searches.
  2. Find a keyword that is high in searches while low or moderate in competition.

This can be a daunting task; however, it just requires patience. As a ground rule, an individual should select a keyword that is above 2500 searches, but lower than 10,000 searches.

SEO Strategies

seo writingThe selected keyword is what will be used for various SEO strategies. There are dozens of different techniques an Internet marketer can use, but there are a few more noteworthy ones that should be looked into. Article marketing is the first of these strategies, and to do this efficiently the marketer can adopt the following approach:

  • Write articles on a daily basis to maximize exposure.
  • Use the selected keyword in the title of the article, first sentence, and last paragraph.
  • Create a link to the website being promoted as anchor text.

The anchor text should be the selected keyword itself. Though article marketing is an effective approach, there are two other techniques that should be learned. These include:

Social media marketing, which entails the utilization of services like Facebook and Instagram to strengthen the brand.

Video marketing, which involves small and informative videos that have a backlink to the website within the video description. Tutorials are often recommended for this tactic.

These are three major techniques that an individual should employ before all others. Other SEO strategies include writing a blog, pay-per-click marketing, pinging, and bookmarking. All of which are crucial to research and utilize.

Proper SEO Maintenance

The last section involves consistent and persistent SEO maintenance. It is crucial to use tracking software and determine the effectiveness of certain SEO strategies. The best way to maintain a technique is for an individual to perform it repeatedly each day. For example, if the individual is opting for article marketing, he or she must write at least one article each day.

The same is true with video marketing and social media marketing. Videos should be produced and posted each week, while constant updates should be displayed on the social media profile.


As one can see, search engine optimization is not that complex of a subject. If an individual wants to learn SEO though, it will require some time and patience. This is just some basic information, and a website owner will not be able to utilize it efficiently if he or she is not consistent. Researching additional techniques and abiding by a weekly routine will ensure an individual performs these tasks correctly.